New app helping young people speak out to shape their local community

A new app has just been launched that puts the power to rate 而且 help improve communities in the h而且s of young people.

现在,多亏了新的 RPlace应用, it only takes youngsters a few clicks to share what they like - 而且 hate - about where they live, play 而且 go with their friends 而且 have their say on what needs to improve.

The free secure app, supported by 玩威尔士,已被开发 发生 而且 活跃的 research projects based at Swansea University which both study ways of improving young people’s lives.

RPlace allows young people to get involved in mapping of their community by letting them rate, 推荐, upload photos 而且 add locations of places they want to see change happen in.

Once they have downloaded the app, reviews can be added in six different categories:
• pollution/clean; 而且,

The researchers then share these reviews 而且 data with the local councils, 警察和慈善机构, bodies with power to act 而且 enhance communities, making them safer 而且 better spaces for young people to play 而且 hang out in.

RPlace also aims to work with charities, organisations 而且 businesses to help improve knowledge around young people’s uses of spaces. If you fall into these categories 而且 want to gain better knowledge for funding or development of infrastructure, please drop us an e-mail 而且 we can work together to help map the spaces you are interested.

RPlace has been designed 而且 developed by Suad Ahmadieh Mena, a software engineer 而且 Swansea University graduate.

萨阿德说: “I designed it to be a user-friendly fun app that allows young people to express their views on a familiar, 易于使用的数字平台. It is a perfect way for young people to communicate their views in a way that suits them 而且 share information on the places that are important 而且 relevant to them.”

Lead researcher for RPlace Dr Michaela James added: “Our previous research showed that young people do want to be active in their local communities, but they feel there is a lack of facilities or that they cost too much. They also tell us there is too much traffic, rubbish 而且 that sometimes they don’t feel safe.

“We wanted to give them a voice to change their local communities 而且 overcome these barriers. RPlace can help empower young people 而且 advocate for their wants 而且 needs. The data gathered will be shared with decision-makers across Wales to help improve an area’s safety 而且 show just what young people value 而且 what they would like changed.”

艾比,15岁, said RPlace was a great way for young people to share what their feelings about their communities: “The app is really useful for solving problems by identifying where people use drugs 而且 alcohol in the area. It also helps highlight good parts about the area 而且 those that need work 而且 what can be done.”

Fellow RPlace user Lucia said: “用起来真的很有趣. I would use it to highlight issues round climate change 而且 for pointing out areas that should be left alone.” 而且 Ali added “It’s a great app for young people to get their voice heard 而且 improve local facilities.”

RPlace is available to download for free on Android 而且 Apple.

The 发生 Network 而且 活跃的 are part of the National Centre for Population 健康 而且 幸福 Research funded by the Welsh Government through 健康 而且 Care Research Wales.

Director of 健康 而且 Care Research Wales Professor Kieran Walsh added: “Research that is taking place through apps like this one is vital in ensuring young people are heard when it comes to their health 而且 wellbeing needs. The RPlace应用 is a fantastic tool which will inform 而且 improve services 而且 spaces for children in Wales.”

For more information about RPlace, including how to use 而且 how to download, 访问发生网站